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New molecules, new possibilities.

The Nic Silical is a startup that was born from a group of scientists who believe that where there is a problem there is a solution, and if this demand innovative molecules, we can help! It is with a scientific, technological and dynamic perspective that we bring our expertise to our clients' projects.

What moves us is the possibility of creating new treatment alternatives and solutions  biotechnology based on molecular modeling. 

Our Pillars


We believe that all beings deserve to live with health and quality of life.  

Our mission is to apply molecular modeling to address human health, animal health and agribusiness needs. 


Our objective is clear:

provide innovative molecules as efficiently and quickly as possible, helping the industry to bring safe, effective products to market in a reduced time. 


We continually explore collaborations  with like-minded partners to expand our portfolio of drug and product candidates.

team work

The development of innovative molecules is a team effort. In addition to partnerships with universities and scientists,  we develop solutions together with our customers.  

If you have a project, we can help you.  

Let's work together?


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